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Developing customized, unique strategies for

your path to Canada.


Kruger Immigration Services Canada is a Canadian immigration consulting company, providing immigration and relocation services for clients throughout the world.  We are focused on providing a complete service, from initial inquiries to relocation and settlement in Canada.

We provide fee-based services to advise, assist, and represent our clients through the complicated application process.  We are not affiliated with the Canadian federal or provincial governments, and we act independently in the interests of our clients.

From the roots of UniVisasCanada, Kruger has developed a network of highly qualified specialists, through which we strive to streamline the emigration journey.  We have close relationships with banks, mortgage brokers, farm financers, agricultural experts, travel agents, lawyers, real estate agents, accountants, and other specialists needed to assist new immigrants. 

We will work with you on visitor visas applications, exploratory visits, and immigration applications.  We will coordinate and schedule your exploratory visit, providing you with the opportunity to gain the information needed to make a well informed decision on immigration.  After you arrive in Canada we, along with our network of experienced professionals, will introduce you to all the services and professionals needed to start your new life in your new country.  

We will not agree to represent you in your application unless we believe there exists a reasonable probability of success with your application.  If we determine that you are eligible to apply for immigration, we will assist you in preparing and submitting all necessary paperwork and documentation. Our service is personal, and we are always available to answer your questions.

Martie Kruger

Martie Kruger is a Canadian Citizen who emigrated from South Africa in 2008.  When she and her husband and two daughters began the immigration process in 2001, they did not use an immigration consultant.  It was a long, difficult process, and their application was declined by the Canadian government in 2005, after four years of waiting.  In 2006, Martie reapplied, using an immigration consultant, and their application was subsequently accepted.  Martie and her family are now happily settled in Canada, and while a part of her heart is in South Africa, the place of her birth, she has made a fabulous new life in her new home.  As Martie will proudly tell you, she is “Canadian…Made in South Africa”.  

Martie profoundly felt the need for people considering Canadian immigration to have a helping hand from someone who had personally experienced the immigration process.  She is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant RCIC), and a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC), a regulatory organization.


She has recently completed a lengthy term as Chairperson of the Board of Directors for Westman Immigration Services (WIS), a not-for-profit organization that helps new Canadian immigrants settle and adapt to their new country.  The result of her personal experience as an immigrant, and her extensive work with refugees and immigrants at WIS, is Kruger Henderson Immigration Services, offering understanding consulting services to people and their families who want to immigrate to Canada.  


To have immigrants to Canada happily and successfully resettled, enjoying the bounty of their new home.


To earn the distinction of being the Canadian immigration consultant of choice, for both individuals and businesses, through excellence in performance, adherence to our values, and a best-for-client philosophy.


While the world of immigration changes almost daily, our values don’t.  Our corporate values remain constant regardless of strategy, client, geographical location of client, and other dynamic factors within our industry and business.  


We must be honest with our Clients, and base decisions on what is best for their immigration plans. We do not compromise.


We want to treat people well, and give them every opportunity to succeed in life.


We want to establish and maintain long term relationships with Clients, suppliers, and agencies.


We want to be proud of the work we do.


We strive to work as a team; within our own company, with our Clients, and with the regulatory immigration organizations that govern the Canadian immigration process.


We will lobby governments and regulatory agencies on behalf of our clients.


We cannot be afraid to try new ideas.


Diversity is integral to the fabric of Canadian culture.  We must embrace this.


We must be performance driven wherever we apply ourselves, focused on the goal of positive immigration outcomes.  

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