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Why You Should Hire an RCIC

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants know Canada’s Visa System

It is the RCIC’s job to keep up to date with the latest policy changes and on-going professional licensing requirements. Thanks to their intimate working knowledge of Canada’s immigration system and available visas, they are able to advise you on which visas you qualify for and for which you should apply.

Licensed with a regulatory body.

Gaining the RCIC license means that an agent has completed a rigorous process to enter the industry. They are also required to stay up to date through on-going professional development which is required to renew this annual license every.

This means that an RCIC works according to a strict code of conduct which is duly enforced, ensuring that your interests are protected and you are working with a knowledgeable and fully competent professional. Our RCICs remain in good standing with the authorities, guaranteeing that they are always working for your best interests.

The RCIC can liaise with Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

If you have ever tried to contact a governmental department such as an embassy or consulate, you will know that it can be a discouraging, time-consuming and exhaustive experience.

Fortunately, working with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant means that you don’t have to make any lengthy phone calls in order to battle your way into Canada. They ensure your application meets the requirements of the Canadian immigration authorities, thus dramatically increasing the chances of a favorable outcome.

They can create a personalized immigration strategy for you.

Not only do Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants know the Canadian immigration system well, but they are professional strategists qualified to guide you successfully through the labyrinth of Canada’s visa system.

An RCIC will advise you on your best options when applying for a visa. They will guide you so that you have a full understanding of your objectives and your timeline expectations.

They can then put a plan in place to help you achieve these goals.

They can offer a different perspective on your immigration options.

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants are professionals in their field.

They are obligated to provide you with honest and reliable feedback on what your options are and advise you regarding the entire immigration process.

You might even receive answers that you had not considered which could broaden your immigration opportunities to Canada. The RCIC’s job is to educate their clients and to provide knowledgeable answers on Canadian Immigration, with favorable options tailored to the client’s needs.

All your paperwork is taken care of

Are you concerned about submitting all of your documents and completing application paperwork correctly?

Immigration requires hours upon hours of paperwork, filing, form submissions, and documents – all of which must be correctly compiled and submitted within tight deadlines. An RCIC will take care of this paperwork on your behalf.

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